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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Executive Coaching

Corporate success is now directly related to the way in which senior people think, behave and interact on a daily basis. The modern world is too dynamic and too demanding to allow senior managers/directors to use past experiences alone to guide present or future behaviours. To be effective, today’s leaders have to embrace self-development, particularly that of learning ‘how’, not simply ‘what’. This type of learning is best carried out on a daily basis in the workplace, where it can be applied and fine-tuned to suit each new situation.

Executive coaching is a process that helps the individual to understand fully his/her own behaviours and the impact those behaviours have on the organisation, to understand others more and, most importantly, to adapt quickly to changing organisational needs. It encourages the person involved to make his/her own decisions, to identify new ways of working and to get closer to the fulfilment of personal potential than is possible through experience, training or education alone. A coach assists an individual to ‘learn how to learn’ and therefore how to adapt to changing circumstances more easily, quickly and effectively.

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