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"Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out."
Stephen Covey

Management & Leadership

Having a thorough understanding of the existing capabilities of a board or senior management group is critical for the welfare of an organisation at any time. This is particularly true when it is going, or about to go, through a significant change such as completing a merger or acquisition, taking a new strategic direction or introducing organisational restructuring.

Whatever the change, you need to know whether you have the developed capabilities to be able to gain maximum benefit from that change. You need to know what the strengths and limitations of your key people are, at an individual and a group level; what gaps exist and how they can be filled; which individuals will be able to push the organisation forward and which ones, if any, are not going to be able to adapt to the new demands.

A thorough Capability Analysis therefore enables you to identify precisely what you need to do differently in order to be successful. Cordel Gowan can help you both to carry out the analysis and to determine what interventions are going to be necessary to fill any gaps.

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