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"Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration."


The recognition of the importance of people in organisations has been signified by the changing description of the ‘Personnel’ function to ‘Human Resources’ and, more recently, to ‘Human Capital’. Furthermore, executives will say that appointing a senior manager or director is a very important matter for them and their organisation. Paradoxically, however, they will often not subject the possible appointees to the same level of scrutiny that they would for a conventional capital purchase. Internal promotions often occur because an individual is judged on his/her ability in the current role, not on an analysis of how well he/she fits the demands of the new role.

The Cordel Gowan Process

  1. Understand, in detail, the organisation’s needs in order to define what experience, capabilities and personality are going to be necessary for success in the role.
  2. Produce a capability framework which will detail required ‘hard’ skills (experience and knowledge) and ‘soft’ skills (communication, motivation, personal style etc).
  3. Evaluate the individuals - thoroughly, objectively and highly accurately. Identify just how close a fit there is between each candidate and the role.
  4. Provide detailed feedback to the individuals and, very importantly, to the organisation. Significantly, both organisation and new appointee are given clear advice about development needs, thereby increasing the chances of on-going success.

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